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Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2016

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Event Description

Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2016 is a grassroots technical conference dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge about the GNU/Linux community and free/libre/open-source software/hardware.

Event Owners

Jeff Sandys

Fedora Representatives

Jeff Sandys

Event Schedule

Schedule of all talks at SeaGL 2016

Josh Berkus will present State: It's What's Happening, Not all containers are stateless

John Dulaney will present [ Naval Gunnery Fire Control in WWI Shipboard computers and networks on a WWI capital ship]


We will be featuring Fedora loves Python at the table. Do you know where we can find Fedora loves Python tee-shirts and trifolds? If you can help at the table mostly talking to students and other Seattle Linux enthusist and local developers, sign up below. There is some travel budget and I have a spare room for you if you are not from Seattle.

Who Friday Saturday
Jeff Sandys X X
Laura Abbott X X
John Dulaney X
Who's next? Add yourself here ? ?

Fedora Loves Python Tee-Shirt and Button Swag

alt Shirt Swag alt Button Swag

Ticket for Artwork

Event Reports

Fedora Loves Python at SeaGL 2016 report by Jeff Sandys

Event Budget

Item Budget Actuals Comments
Sponsorship $500 $500 and community table
Swag T-shirts $250 $370.59 for raffle and workers
Swag shipped $100 $48.79 fedora loves python pins
Travel $TBD $0 None, local staff
Banner Shipping $80 $0
TOTAL $930 $919.38

/*/ Final budget, items based on actuals, see Trac Ticket

Travel Subsidy Requests

There is some travel budget and I have a spare room for you if you are not from Seattle.

Travel Subsidy Requests
Each attendee requesting travel subsidies for the event should be listed here including the information requested in Sponsoring Event Attendees.

Event Report