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Description Reference
s3virge not ported to new xorg fedora-test-list
X crashed with xdriver=vesa fedora-test-list
installer crashs at partitioning fedora-test-list
Adding news ticker to the taskbar then klicking on the pager resulted in the news ticker story being displayed The Lock/Logout applet corrupts the display, although the "The session was locked" dialog is OK, and the desktop is restored correctly. Second monitor of a dual display has a corrupted text display during both RHGB and KDE session On login, I get a window with "The audio playback device ALi M5455 with ALC850 (ALi M5455) does not work. Failing back to Esound (ESD)." fedora-test-list
rhgb is corruptet on GM965/GL960 (Dell Inspiron 1420) fedora-test-list
Konqueror can't display any web pages fedora-test-list
slideshow for desktop backgrounds occasionally results in parts of the background being corrupted fedora-test-list
nm-applet crashes when clicking on any entry in the menu fedora-test-list #427442 #153193
Adding applets to the RHS of the taskbar where the system tray is resizes the taskbar (down from 100%) and leaves a white block to the left of the taskbar. fedora-test-list
The license type drop down in Konqueror start up page only displays each option when the mouse is down over that option or is already selected (i.e. you can't see unselected options without clicking on them) fedora-test-list
The Lock/Logout applet only lets me lock the desktop. fedora-test-list
When logging into KDE, the usual "Starting desktop" etc messages on the splash screen are not present fedora-test-list
One of the "Useful Tips" in KTip states that pressing the middle mouse button on the desktop will give a list of all windows on each desktop, but it doesn't work. Some other tips don't work, so maybe KTip is not KDE4? fedora-test-list
Typing "konsole" in the Search part of the K Menu tries to run konsolekalendar rather than konsole. It looks like I have to type "terminal". i.e. knowing how to launch it from the command line won't help me here. fedora-test-list
The CD's "Boot from local drive" option reboots (after a prompt) then boots from the CD again. fedora-test-list
kdesu isn't working fedora-test-list
kwin desktop effects is crashing when changing some effects fedora-test-list
Restart and logout options in menu don't work fedora-test-list