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This is a short status page which icons are missing in KDE4 or are not properly displayed. Feel free to add more missing icons.

Kickoff menu

Location Application name Icon name Package Present in icon set
Accessoires / Tracker Search Tool
Games / Five-in-a-row Board Game bovo missing kdegames
Games / Ball Bouncing Game kbounce kbounce kdegames crystalsvg
Games / WineMine
Internet / Mobile Phone Tool kandy kandy kdepim crystalsvg
Internet / Network Folder Wizard knetattach knetattach kdebase-runtime crystalsvg
Office / PalmDOC Converter kpalmdoc kpalmdoc kdepim crystalsvg
Sound&Video / Serpentine Audio-CD Creator
System / Add/Remove Software pirut system-software-installer pirut gnome
System / Network Manager KNetworkManager knetworkmanager
System / Text-to-Speech Manager kttsmgr kdeaccessibility
Utilities / More Applications / System Cleaner sweeper trashcan_empty kdeutils Bluecurve, gnome, Echo
Utilities / Accessibility / Text to Speech Manager kttsmgr kdeaccessibility
Development / KDE Template Generator KAppTemplate kdesdk


Location Icon name Present in icon set
menu / View /View Mode / Dolphin Part
menu / Go / Autostart
menu / Go / Most Often Visited
menu / Window / Show Navigation Panel


Location Icon name Present in icon set
menu / Tools / Compare Files


Location Icon name Present in icon set
Add Widgets / 3D Earth Model
Add Widgets / Context
Add Widgets / Icon
Add Widgets / Pager
Add Widgets / System Tray
Add Widgets / Task Manager
Add Widgets / Twitter Microblogging