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Create a KDE based LiveCD for Fedora 7.


The creating of a KDE based live cd is splitted into three configuration files for livecd-creator: 1. The basic version contains only a few packages. So it is easier for someone to create his own version that builds upon it. 2. The desktop version contains the most usefull packages in the KDE universe that fits on one CD. 3. The live dvd contains additional files for localisation (eg. kde-i18n-*)


(fill in some features)


The following package lists are first drafts and only suggestions.

Packages for basic CD

First draft for a basic version:

Package Description Why included in this spin?
chkconfig A system tool for maintaining the /etc/rc*.d hierarchy
xorg-x11-drivers X.Org X11 driver installation package
vim-minimal A minimal version of the VIM editor
pirut Package Installation, Removal and Update Tools
setroubleshoot Helps troubleshoot SELinux problems
alsa-utils Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) utilities
dejavu-lgc-fonts DejaVu LGC Fonts
kdeaccessibility K Desktop Environment - Accessibility accessibility utilities should be essential
kdegraphics K Desktop Environment - Graphics Applications basic graphic viewing should be always available
kdemultimedia Multimedia applications for the K Desktop Environment (KDE) basic ability for playing multimedia files should be always available
kdepim PIM (Personal Information Manager) for KDE for kmail in kicker. could also be in kde-desktop-spin.
kdeutils K Desktop Environment - Utilities including ark an kcaltool
knetworkmanager KDE applet for Network Manager configuring the network is essential
k3b CD/DVD burning application for KDE Ability of burning cds/dvds maybe essential.
kaffeine Xine-based media player A video player is a basic application
kpowersave KPowersave is the KDE frontend for powermanagement powermanagement should be always available

Packages for KDE-Desktop-LiveCD

First draft for a desktop version:

Package Description Why included in this spin?
kdeedu Educational/Edutainment applications for KDE completing KDE
kdegames K Desktop Environment - Games completing KDE
kdetoys K Desktop Environment - Toys and Amusements completing KDE
kdenetwork K Desktop Environment - Network Applications completing KDE
kdeadmin Administrative tools for KDE completing KDE and for not shipping some system-config-tools
kdeartwork K Desktop Environment - Network Applications completing KDE
kdemultimedia-extras Extras for KDE multimedia applications
kdeartwork-extras Artwork Extras, including xscreensaver-based screensavers
kdegraphics-extras Extras for KDE graphics applications
k3b-extras Free codec plugins for k3b completing k3b and small package
amarok Media player for KDE no KDE without amarok
beryl-kde Beryl OpenGL window and compositing manager whobble whobble
digikam A digital camera accessing & photo management application One of the most powerful applications available
digikamimageplugins Plugins for Digikam completing digikam
gnupg A GNU utility for secure communication and data storage completing kgpg
gstreamer-plugins-good GStreamer plug-ins with good code and licensing
koffice-suite A free, integrated office suite for KDE no desktop without an office suite
konversation Konversation is a user friendly IRC client for KDE more powerful than ksirc
krusader An advanced twin-panel (commander-style) file-manager for KDE
ktorrent A BitTorrent program for KDE
twinkle A SIP Soft Phone comparison to ekiga
samba-client Samba (SMB) client programs
zip A file compression and packaging utility compatible with PKZIP completing krusader
unzip A utility for unpacking zip files completing krusader
krename Powerful batch file renamer completing krusader
arj Archiver for .arj files completing krusader
kdiff3 Compare + merge 2 or 3 files or directories completing krusader
liveinst LiveCD installer code Install livecd to harddisk
anaconda Graphical system installer needed for liveinst
system-config-keyboard A graphical interface for modifying the keyboard needed for liveinst

Not included packages

Not all packages available from current PackageList for KDE would fit on one cd. Some thoughts why not including them.

Packages Why not included?
eric Are development packages usefull on a livecd?
gtk-qt-engine not enough gtk applications included
gwenview already included kuickshow, kview and digikam
kasablanca konqueror and krusader are enough (maybe)
kdebindings Are development packages usefull on a livecd?
kdesdk Are development packages usefull on a livecd?
kdesvn Are development packages usefull on a livecd?
kdevelop Are development packages usefull on a livecd?
kdewebdev Are development packages usefull on a livecd?
kgtk not enough gtk applications included
kickpim not really usefull without existing contacts
kile Are development packages usefull on a livecd?
kiosktool Would this package be useful on a livecd?
kleansweep Would this package be useful on a livecd?
kmenu-gnome not enough gtk applications included
kmymoney2 Would this package be useful on a livecd?
kphotoalbum already included digikam
ktechlab Are development packages usefull on a livecd?
lyx too big (with tetex packages)
texmaker too big (with tetex packages)

Creating own spin

(This description is for rawhide. If you want to use it with fc6 use livecd-tools-001-1 and replace "development" with "6" in repo configuration.)

First install the newest livecd-tools:

basic version

--repo=c7, \
--repo=e7, \
--repo=lcd7, \
--package=fedora-livecd-kde \

desktop version

--repo=c7, \
--repo=e7, \
--repo=lcd7, \
--package=fedora-livecd-kde-desktop \


  • Decide on including firefox or not (isos with firefox are ~30MB bigger)
  • Decide on packages for basic and desktop version
  • Decide on shipping krusader (is konqueror enough?)
  • Decide on merging of the two versions or just shipping one version
  • Test all included packages if they work correctly
  • Test the spinning on all archs
  • Test installation to hard drive