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Fedora KDE Spin

The KDE SIG prepares live images with the newest available KDE release for every release of Fedora. If you want to use KDE in Fedora this is the proposed way for an installation.

Past Releases

The KDE SIG proudly released KDE live images for the past releases of Fedora 7, 8 and 9. You could download the newest release, Fedora 9, directly from Fedora's download page: The older but still supported Fedora 8 is still available via BitTorrent or a mirror near to you (you'll have to browse to the directory releases/8/Live/):

Upcoming Releases

The next release of Fedora will bring KDE 4.1 to your desktop and is scheduled for October 2008.

Release Notes

none yet

Package versions

package name version
KDE 4.1
Koffice 1.9.95
k3b 1.0.5
amarok 1.86


The KDE live images are composed from the official livecd GIT. The latest development version is available here:;a=blob;f=config/livecd-fedora-kde.ks;h=97f0e00ee10fbc4645517835f8466a3ea3356690;hb=HEAD


This is the TODO-List for the KDE live images until Fedora 10 is released.

  • Make sure that that at least the image for i686 is not bigger than 700 megs.

Development progress

If you want to watch the development progress of the KDE live images, have a look at this site.

Differences to a default installation

This section describes why some packages of the group "KDE (K Desktop Environment)" are not included in the live images. The usual reason for this is the limited space on the images. Please be aware that the excluded packages may change in the development process until Fedora 10 gets released.

package name: Explanation for the removal
digikam Duplicate functionality with gwenview, the default image viewer.
kaffeine Duplicate funtionality with dragonplayer, the default video application.
kdeedu not enough space and not so important like other applications
ktorrent kget is also able to do basic torrent downloads
scribus only needed for specific tasks and not enough space for this

Packages proposed for inclusion

If you want a package to be included in the KDE live images, please add a proposal here and explain, why it should be included

package name: Explanation, why it should be included
package 1 description