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Release Notes

An draft for the web based release notes.

No "gdm" User

When the KDE LiveCD or an installation of the KDE LiveCD boots, the following error appears:

Starting system message bus: unknown username "gdm" in message bus configuration

This is only a cosmetic problem. For more information, refer to the related bug #238783 .

KDE LiveCD Language Support

KDE-related applications are available in English only because no language packs for KDE and koffice are installed. This situation has no effect on other packages in which translations are included. For example, anaconda and the Install to Hard Drive application are available in many languages.

To boot with a different locale, enter live_locale=<locale> at the CD's boot prompt. For example, use this boot command for a German locale:


screen gets blank when installing in a different timezone

Sometimes it could happen that the screen gets blank when you are installing from the livecd and choosed a different timezone. This normally happens after formating the partitions. If so, just move the mouse or hit any key.