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Meeting Time

  • Day: Thursday
  • Time: 14:00 UTC (See the UTC Howto for instructions to convert UTC to your local time)
  • Location: #fedora-meeting[?] on

Meeting Agenda 2016-07-07

  • #topic Roll Call
    • #info Participants are reminded to make liberal use of #info #link #help in order to make the minutes "more better"
  • #topic Follow up on last week's tasks
    • pjp to give a status update on security policy in the wiki (carried over)
    • Sparks to figure out how FST members can get access to Fedora security bugs (carried over)
    • zoglesby to update the reading list for the Apprenticeship (carried over)
    • Sparks to garden the Koji wiki pages to standardize the pages and add a category or two. (carried over)
    • d-caf to continue working on private builds in koji, bodhi, and distgit. (carried over)
    • Sparks to follow up on the shipping of non-Linux binaries of the USB ISO tool.
      • #info In progress
    • Sparks to get stats on the number of vulns that were embargoed that affected Fedora/EPEL. (carried over)
    • Sparks to document the goals for the team on the wiki
    • zoglesby to follow up on progress of the Windows Live USB program
  • #topic Handling embargoed vulnerabilities
    • #info pjp and d-caf were supposed to be working with Koji and Bodhi folks to figure out private builds (carried over)
  • #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets
    • #info Thursday's numbers: Critical 0 (0), Important 87 (-1), Moderate 579 (+48), Low 193 (+11), Total 859 (+58)
  • #topic Open floor discussion/questions/comments

Meeting script

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#startmeeting Security Team Meeting - Agenda:
#meetingname Fedora Security Team

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