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Siraj Razick

[[Image:SirajRazick_bar.jpg,width=80,height=80] ( [wiki:Self:SirajRazick My Wiki Page] ) I'm working as a Computer Engineer for Foundation for Environment, Climate and Technology. I design and develop climate analysis tools using Fedora code as my Distro (for those who are wondering). But in my free time I like hacking KDE and looking at things that Qt can do. I'm currently the Author and the maintainer of KBFX project. KBFX is a kicker bar improvement for KDE desktop. You can always download and try it. I have done many Talks about using Linux and Using Fedora on public gatherings and showing them all the wonderful things that you can do with FC. If you have any public meeting within Sri Lanka please feel to invite me.

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Important.png Language supported English / Singhalees / Tamil
Email Address [[MailTo(siraj I DONT WANT SPAM @kdemail DOT org)]
Actual Geographical Location Sri Lanka (Kandy) .