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descDate Name Thumbnail Size User Description Versions
03:39, 20 February 2014Neville email.png (file)2 KBYn1v 2
01:18, 28 November 2012Venue map.png (file)343 KBYn1v (Surroundings of Universidad Centroamericana)1
01:14, 28 November 2012Hotel map.png (file)165 KBYn1v (Map of the surroundins of the hotel)1
00:50, 28 November 2012Managua map big.png (file)348 KBYn1v (Managua Map from airpor to venue and hotel from open street map)1
00:36, 28 November 2012Teodolinda.png (file)177 KBYn1v (Hotel MansiĆ³n Teodolinda, Managua, Nicaragua.)1
00:28, 28 November 2012UCA edif K.png (file)299 KBYn1v (Panoramic View of post graduated class rooms at Universidad Centroamericana, Managua, Nicaragua)1
00:25, 28 November 2012Managua lake.png (file)191 KBYn1v (Panoramic view of Managua Lake)1
22:36, 7 November 2011RP Mga 16.png (file)127 KBYn1v 1
03:18, 23 October 2010PB f14.png (file)83 KBYn1v 1
21:28, 22 October 2010Managua.jpg (file)13 KBYn1v 1
17:57, 27 March 2010Nacross email.png (file)2 KBYn1v 1
04:04, 19 November 2008Nev new york 250x250.png (file)112 KBYn1v (Neville A. Cross At Empire State Building August 2006)1