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Kickstart Pool

This page describes a kickstart pool for spin concepts.

Live Spins

Using Kickstart Snippets (Live Spins)

Like with the kickstart included in livecd-tools now, we may consider using snippets, so that the basic kickstart that builds up:

  • A base for all spins
  • Basic package set
  • Scripts like /etc/init.d/fedora-live, etc
  • Settings such as disabling firstboot, etc
  • Package Customization
  • per Spin concept
  • includes Spin concept specific scripts (%post)
  • not including Localization packages (see "Language Customization")
  • Language Customization
  • Language, locale, keyboard and timezone
  • Add Localized Packages

Proposed Snippets

  • fedora-$releasever-base.ks
  • fedora-$releasever-<spin>.ks (includes fedora-$releasever-base.ks, localization excluded)
  • fedora-$releasever-<spin>-<local>.ks (includes fedora-$releasever-<spin>.ks, adds localization)