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Комуникација и тражење помоћи
Fedora има јаку заједницу која је спремна да помогне. Пошто корисници и контрибутори обухватају читав глобус, кључни део пројекта је комуникација. IRC разговор , дописна група и форуми дају брз и лак пут до комуникације.
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Комуницирајте са заједницом

Будите сигурни да разумете и пратите правила пре него што започнете комуникацију са другима у Федориној заједници. Нека основна правила се могу наћи у Дописне групе и правила и у Како да IRC .

Помоћи себи

Пре него што затражите помоћ од других, молимо вас узмите мало времена да се осврнете на велики избор средстава за самопомоћ. Погледајте Федорину документацију и често постављена питања . Ако већ користите Федору, man и info странице садрже доста корисних информација. Можете приступити тим информацијама користећи man и info команде. На пример, ако хоћете да научите више о yum програму користећи man, онда бисте написали следеће:

man yum

~-Притисните 'q' да изађете.-~

Да бисте прочитали info странице у вези gcc програма, користите:

info gcc

~-Притисните 'q' да изађете.-~

Постоји известан број других докумената присутних на вашем систему у фасцикли за документацију /usr/share/docs/. rpm команда има опцију за приказивање списка све документације повезане са датим пакетом. Као пример, да бисте видели списак свих докумената доступних за пакет "coreutils", користите:

rpm -qd coreutils

Док ове команде раде у терминалу, постоје и друге алатке које су лакше за коришћење. Погледајте мени за ваше радно окружење и програме. Немојте заборавити да погледате Федорину документацију .

Давање повратне информације порграмерима

If you believe you have found a bug or would like to suggest enhancements, use the Bugzilla bug tracking system.

More information is available on the BugsAndFeatureRequests page.

The fedora-list mailing list is the place for most questions.

Development discussions happen in the Fedora development mailing list, fedora-devel-list , and we encourage community users and developers interested in Fedora to participate there. You can post in this list for development-related discussions that are not a straight-forward bug reports or feature requests. This is not a suitable place to ask general questions. If you are using a test release or the development version of Fedora, post feedback to the [fedora-test-list mailing list and bug reports to Bugzilla . Developers do not usually follow discussions in fedora-list or other end-user sources since they are high-traffic and not as efficient as a tracker like Bugzilla. For other mailing list options, see Mailing Lists below.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are special email addresses which send email to all users who have subscribed to them. Sending an email to a mailing list reaches all users interested in discussing a specific topic and users who are available to help other users with that topic.

To subscribe to a mailing list, follow the appropriate link below and fill out the subscription form, or send an email message to <listname> (replace <listname> with the desired mailing list name, such as fedora-list) with only the word subscribe in the subject. The mailing lists are hosted at [1] .

If you are using the mailing lists and see a post that is off-topic, you can direct the user to the PostIsOffTopic page (, which will provide them with information to guide them in list selection in the future. Please do not be unnecessarily rude, as it hurts Fedora when you offend other users.

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A certain etiquette is required to help mailing lists work efficiently and smoothly. See the MailinglistGuidelines for specific points to follow while using Fedora Project mailing lists.
Getting annoying messages from Learn about the problem.


IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is a real-time, text-based form of communication. You can have conversations with multiple people in an open channel or chat with someone privately one-on-one.

To talk to other Fedora Project participants, log onto the freenode IRC network .

You may be required to register your user nickname (nick) and identify with that nick. Otherwise, you may not be able to join or be heard on the IRC channel. There is a page describing how to register your nick at
Some of the Fedora channels ban users that are logged into their system as root. Make sure that you are logged into your system as a normal user and that any ident server you may have running is accurately reporting your username.

To learn how to use IRC, refer to the IRC Tutorial at and IRC HowTo .

  • #fedora - General chat for all Fedora Project participants, including users
  • #fedora-devel - Chat specifically related to Fedora development, not end-user discussions
  • #fedora-extras - Chat specifically related to Fedora Extras development, not end-user discussions
  • #fedora-games - Chat specifically related to anything about games in Fedora, including end-users
  • #fedora-audio - Chat specifically related to audio and podcasting on Fedora, including end-users
  • #fedora-docs - Chat specifically related to Fedora Documentation, not end-user discussions
  • #fedora-legacy - Chat for Fedora Legacy users and developers
  • #fedora-mktg - Chat specifically related to Fedora Marketing, not end-user discussions
  • #fedora-mentors - Chat to help new and potential Fedora contributors get started, not end-user discussions
  • #fedora-admin - Chat related to Fedora Infrastructure, not end-user discussions
  • #fedora-websites - Chat specifically related to Fedora Websites, not end-user discussions
  • #fedora-art - Chat specifically related to Fedora Artwork, not end-user discussions
  • #fedora-triage - Every Friday is bug day; join #fedora-triage and help work through the queues of bug reports. The area of focus for the day is in the channel topic.
  • #fedora-ds - Fedora Directory Server
  • #fedora-selinux - Fedora SELinux development
  • #fedora-security - Discussion on Fedora Security Topics
  • #fedora-ppc - Fedora on the PowerPC architecture
  • #fedora-java - The Open Source Java platform in Fedora
  • #fedora-python - Python languages discussions in Fedora
  • #fedora-usability - Fedora Usability discussions
  • #fedora-women - Chat forum for women in the Fedora Community
  • #fedora-br - Fedora discussions in Portuguese (Brazil)
  • #fedora-de - Fedora discussions in German
  • #fedora-es - Discusion del Proyecto Fedora en Español
  • #fedora-fr - Bienvenue sur le channel francophone de Fedora
  • #fedora-india - Fedora India discussions
  • #fedora-jp - Fedora discussions in Japanese
  • #fedora-pl - Fedora discussions in Polish
  • #fedora-i18n - Fedora internationalization
  • #fedora-l10n - Fedora Localization (Translation)

Also, at

  • #fedora-desktop - Fedora desktop discussions

Several projects are large enough to have their own channels. Individual project channels, IRC server, and channel information are also found on the project pages. See the Projects list.


Forums provide Fedora users with an easy way of getting help on any issues that may arise. Most of the forums are extremely active and provide structured access to a number of knowledgeable and helpful Fedora users. is the forum endorsed by the Fedora Project. It is meant to allow users to help each other. Other forums are also available:

Community Websites

There are many great community websites beyond the Fedora Project that may be of interest to you.

See the CommunityWebsites page.