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Please use the following template to document CSI Variables in Ansible

   # These variables are moved into /etc/system_identification by the base role.
   # Groups and individual hosts should overide them with specific info.
   # See
   csi_primary_contact: Fedora Admins -
   csi_relationship: |
       - This system relies on x, y, z, etc
       - Services a, b, c, rely on this system
       - Important other note

Special characters and other tips

  • A colon ":" is used as a variable separator. Please do not use them except as noted in the example.
  • A pipe "|" denotes multiple lines follow the variable separator.
  • Ansible (YAML) does not expect tabs when indending. Please use multiple spaces instead.
  • To submit a patch with new CSI variables, please generate a patch from your git branch of the document you are working on by running git format-patch --> master >> name of patch. Then send email to
  • Copy-pasting a patch to gmail via a web interface will affect the formatting of the patch
  • Please see below code snippet for an easy way to submit a properly formatted patch via mutt from the command line.
   cat nameofyourpatch.patch | mutt -s "CSI variarables added to ...."

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in irc at #fedora-admin.