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The Fedora Project is a group of people who help to build a world where free culture is welcoming and widespread, collaboration is commonplace, and people are able to control their own content and devices. From time to time we are asked to comment on laws or pending legislation. As a project with contributors and users from most counties in the world, The Fedora Project generally avoids taking sides on matters of governments, political parties or interests. Instead of trying to take a stance on each particular law or proposed law in each of the countries in which we have participants, the Fedora Project reaffirms its principle belief in Internet freedoms.

Fedora is built on the foundational concepts of software freedom and open collaboration across the Internet. We encourage governments and legislatures around the globe to ensure the rights of their citizens to use the Internet to its full potential, and discourage laws and policies that might inhibit our project members' abilities to freely collaborate and help build free software. Fedora also encourages individuals within the project to stand up for freedoms in a responsible manner, when they feel it is appropriate to do so.

— Ratified by the Fedora Board