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Who makes Fedora? Who uses Fedora? Where do they come from, what kinds of systems does Fedora run on, when do people typically upgrade, how many people contributed to bring you the latest release on the USB key you've just been handed?

Fedora prides itself on having not just open source code, but open processes and data. We're always keeping track of these statistics ourselves, and making tools to make it possible for other people (like yourself) to find answers to the questions that we haven't thought of asking yet.

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A few highlights, as of this writing:

replace these with more up-to-date statistics of interest right before you print the document.

  • 19,958,341 unique IP addresses have connected to Fedora repositories for updates.
  • 1,036,570 direct downloads of Fedora 12 have been made to date.
  • 2,423,626 unique visitors came to during the month of November (when Fedora 12 was released).

I want to find contributor numbers but can't figure out where to get them, despite seeing this question being asked and answered multiple times in the last 6 months... this is a bug and we should fix that.