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Steven Rolfe

Hello, my name's Steve. Im a web programmer, or at least i like to call myself that, as i found that internet programming is much for "fun" then application programming. Back in... Probably before 2000 i taught myself HTML which is quite easy might i add. Before long i continued into CSS and, hungry for more =), i finally expanded into PHP. After about a week i learnt MySQL so that i could make a forum system, which worked but lacked functionality. Since then i've been doing side projects with PHP such as a news system that integrated with IPB, and a blog system. More recently my freind suggested i learn JavaScript, which i still havent finished yet. I can sure make a good clock though =). Today im a Junior in High School looking to give back to Fedora for the great operating system, and the fact that im bored.


Contact me via ANY of the following methods:


Im currently part of the Websites team, which so far i havent done anything for... But then again i was just added to the EditGroup Sept. 20th...