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To create a simplified user interface to bugzilla for Sugar Desktop users.

For the reasoning behind this checkoutthis

What it needs to do

  • present a simplified and user friendly interface to bugzilla
  • all issues will need to be filed by a generic user as we do not want to force users to have to create a bugzilla login.
  • reporters will be able, if they desire, to include their email address and be cc'd in on any changes to the report
  • interface with the trac instance to upstream bugs

Phase I - Authenticate and display

Target date: TBD

  • create working link to bugzilla (allow user to report using bugzilla credentials or generic)
  • allow user to search existing reports for Sugar activities
  • display search results in easy to read and understand format
    • Bug #
    • Assigned to
    • Summary
    • Current status
  • allow user to drill down and display report
    • Bug #
    • Assigned to
    • Component
    • Version
    • Summary
    • Current status
    • Comments
  • allow user to cc themselves to the report
  • allow the user to add comments

Phase II - File new report

Target date: TBD

  • Present user with list of Sugar Activities & related packages
  • Present user with list of currently maintained releases (should be same as Fedora)
  • Ask the user if this is a bug report or Request For Enhancement (RFE)
  • Display to user all open bugs for the selected component/release
    • User can then either select a current bug to add their comments to

- or -

    • User can proceed to entering new bug/RFE
  • At this point the component/release are already known and the user will be prompted to provide as much detail as possible in regards to the issue
  • The user will also be encouraged to cc themselves to the report so they can be contacted by the developers if needed.
  • Bug/RFE will be added to bugzilla and confirmation provided to the user

Phase III - Report upstream

Target date: TBD

  • Take the newly created report and also submit it to the trac instance at
  • Create a pipeline between bugzilla and trac instance so information posted in one location is duplicated in the other

Phase IV - Inclusion of non Sugar packages

Target date: TBD

  • Sugar releases also contain a base Fedora/Gnome install and users will need to be able to file against those components as well