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  • Android: Desserts, in alpha order. Donut, Eclair, Frozen Yogurt, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice cream sandwich
  • Sugar on a Stick: Fruits, in no particular order. Strawberry, Blueberry, Mirabelle, Coconut, Pineapple, Mango Lassi
  • Firefox: Parks, in no particular order. Namoroka, Shiretoko, Gran Paradiso, Bon Echo, Deer Park
  • Microsoft: All over the place. Mostly random place names, but some other odds and ends as well.
  • Ubuntu: Adjective + animal, in alpha order. Warty Warthog, Hoary Hedgehog, Breezy Badger, Dapper Drake, Edgy Eft, Feisty Fawn, Gutsy Gibbon, Hardy Heron, Intrepid Ibex, Jaunty Jackalope, Karmic Koala, Lucid Lynx, Maverick Meerkat, Natty Narwhal, Oneiric Ocelot, Precise Pangolin
  • Apple OSX: Cats, in no particular order, sometimes with adjectives added. Kodiak, Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion
  • Apple iOS: Ski resorts, mostly. Alpine, Little Bear, Big Bear, Sugarbowl, Timberline, Kirkwood, Northstar, Wildcat, Apex, Baker, Jasper, Durango, Telluride, Hoodoo

Things to be aware of

  • Release code names need to be checked against possible trademark confusion.
  • Pretty much every "simple" trademark exists somewhere and with the way even products like candy bars have computer crossover, it is not a simple check.
  • Trademark confusion may be easier to avoid by using disconnected terms (the Ubuntu coding scheme makes this easier).
  • Trademark confusion is expensive to deal with for a product that has a shelf life of 12 months.
  • Any one scheme will play out over time so the ability to change course after some time would be useful to encode in the rules.

Suggestion Table

Theme Relationship to Fedora Sampling of names along theme Comments
Dive Destinations Great places around the world where friends can gather and explore newfound freedom in the deep blue. Also great places to try new technology Bonaire, Cozumel, Caymans, Thailand(Similan, Phi Phi, Surin Islands, Krabi, more), Fanadir, Panglao, Ibiza, Premuda, George Dog Island, La Quebrada, Rainbow Reef, Maldives, Bunaken, Flic en Flac, Pulau Payar, Oslob, Benguerra Island, Marsa Alam, Aqaba, Speyside, Buccoo, Dahab, many other famous dive sites A lot of fun and interesting names to pick from. Maybe have a photo contest for each location. Winning photo becomes the default background?
Roman Emperors Every succession left some inheritance as every Fedora release Augustus, Tiberius, Gaius, Claudius, Otho, Domitian, Nerva, Trajan, ... see Roman Emperors .
Names of Pandas Everyone loves Pandas. Ling Ling, Su Lin, Hua Mei, Gao Gao, Mei Sheng, Bai Yun, Damini, Kai Kai, Jia Jia, Lun Lun, Yang Yang, Mei Lan, Xi Lan, Po, Pili, Tjen Tjen, Bao Bao, Fu Long, Long Hui, Pandora, Pan, Pan Dee, Pan Dah, Yun Yun, Mei Xiang, Tian Tian There's a lot of pandas. A lot of the panda names have specific meanings - theming could come from that.
Types of Coffee It takes a lot of coffee to make a Fedora. Americano, Hammerhead, Black, Cafe au Lait, Cafe Breva, Cafe Latte, Macchiato, Cappucino, Double Shot, Triple Shot, Dry Cappucino, Espresso, con Panna, Mocha, Chai, Frappe, Turkish, Iced, Madras, Vietnamese, Instant, Melya, Lungo, Kopi Tubruk, Irish, Ristretto, Oliang, Affogato, Baltimore, Black Eye, Black Tie, Cafe Bombon, Cafe Medici, Cafe melange, Cafe miel, Mochaccino, Chat Latte, Chocolate Dalmatian, Cortado, Decaf, Doppio, Eggnog Latte, Cafe Zorro, Frappucino, Galao, Guillermo, Gingerbread Latte, Green Eye, Half-caf, Kopi susu, Mary Turner, Libbylou, Mazagran, Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla Bean, French Roast, Sumatran, Ethiopian, Skinny Latte, Vienna coffee, Zebra Mocha, Red Tie, Red Tux, Red Eye, Raspberry Mocha, Soy Latte, Kona, Robusta, Arabica, Kenyan, Ethiopian, Jamaican, Colombian, Orzata Steamer, ... could combine with teas (and smoothies?)
Dinosaur Breeds Dinosaurs are cool and so is Fedora. triceratops, stegosaurus, spinosaurus, brachiosaurus, supersaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, microceratus, wannanosaurus, iguanodon, bernissartensis, protoceratops, edmontonsaurus, majungasaurus, velociraptor, microraptoer, oryctodromeus, scansoriopterygids, lambeosaurus, aerosteon riocoloradensis ... Worried there aren't enough. "Extinct species" is probably not a good connotation. [There are over 1000 species of dinosaurs identified so far, I think we'll have enough. -Emichan]
Marine & Aquatic Animals The water is blue and so is Fedora. humpback whale, manatee, leopard seal, orca, gray whale, polar bear, sea otter, walrus, sea lion, fur seal, dugongs, porpoise, river dolphin, pygmy whale, sperm whale, rorquals, bowhead whale, baleen whale, muskrat, beaver, vole, platypus, hippopotamus, giant otter shrew, russian desman, yapok / opossum, iguana, monitor, anaconda, cottonmouth snake, water snake, crocodile, penguin, turtle, slider, newt, frogs Worried there aren't enough.
Fish The water is blue and so is Fedora. flounder, salmon, goldfish, lamprey, catshark, bullhead shark, perch, koi, anchovies, sardines, shrimp, krill, squid, menhaden, tuna, bass, herring, zooplankton, minnow, shiner, killifish, dace, shad, trout, catfish, crappie, lanternfish, eel, carp, ballyhoo, chimaeras, gar, lungfish, piranhas, pike, oarfish, cod, mullets, gobies, mackerel, whiting, wrasses, ... Are these offensive to people who don't eat fish?
Sea birds The sea is blue / Fedora is blue sandpiper, tern, gull, cormorant, petrels, grebes, loons, albatross, penguin, razorbill, auk, pelican, boobies, gannets, skuas, frigatebirds, auklet, tubenose, sulid, guillemot, fulmar, prion, shearwater, gadfly, gannet, tropicbird, skimmer, puffin, ... Worried there aren't enough. Could expand to any birds?
Blue flowers Fedora is blue periwinkle, cornflower, iris, flax, aster, hydrangea, indigo, morning glory, pimpernel, sweet pea, petunia, borage, campanula, salvia, laurentia, phlox, delphinium, scabiosa, lisianthus, delphinium, nemophilia, blueberry, wisteria, clematis, hyacinth, crocus, ...
Blueberry cultivars Blueberries are blue and delicious as is Fedora. rabbiteye, southern highbush, northern highbush, ozark blue, reveille, beckyblue, alice blue, climax, premier, montgomery, bonita, bluegem, woodard, chaucer, bluebelle, briteblue, choice, tifblue, yadkin, delite, aldwin, centurion, o'neal, sharpblue, misty, bladen, pamlico, lenoir, craven, avon blue, gulf coast, georgiagem, cooper, sampson, biloxi, capefear, flordablue, jubilee, blue ridge, pearl river, summit, sunrise, spartan, collins, bluecrop, berkeley, jersey, darrow, coville, burgundy, blomidon, brunswick, .. Watch out for patented cultivar names.
Types of Teas ? assam, nepal, darjeeling, nilgiri, turkish, ceylon, earl grey, masala chai, oolong, pu-erh, gunpowder, tibetan, bawarka, raspberry, chamomile, jasmine, chun mee, white, green, yellow, vietnamese, kahwah, dragonwell, lemon, anise, chrysanthemum, dandelion, echinacea, elderberry, ginger, hibiscus, rose hip, kava, labrador, lapacho, ginseng, goji, hawthorn, yerba mate, neem, nettle, pennyroyal, red clover, lemongrass, rosemary, verbena, woddruf, sobacha, yarrow, genmaicha, pepperment, sencha, bancha, kukicha, mecha, konacha, kamairicha, tamaryokucha, gyokuro, matcha, shincha, hojicha, aracha, cinnamon, elderflower, ... could combine with coffees
Herbs & Spices ? cinnamon, cloves, garam masala, harissa, chili, curry, zaatar, pepper, basil, anise, allspice, angelica, annato, asafoetida, cardamom, mustard, fenugreek, coriander, chives, chervil, chicory, cayenne, caraway, carob, calendula, dill, horseradish, jasmine, juniper, ginger, garlic, mace, oregano, peppermint, paprika, parsley, sassafras, savory, sorrel, sage, safflower, saffron, sumac, vanilla, wasabi, watercress, wintergreen, woodruff, nutmeg, ...
Condiments Mustard and ketchup are important to Fedora and they are condiments. mustard, ketchup, relish, pickles, wasabi, coconut chutney, mango chutney, garlic chutney, onion chutney, achar, raita, mirin, soy sauce / shoyu, rice vinegar, karashi, ponzu, furikake, mayo, wafu, horseradish, buffalo sauce, chopped onions, bacon bits, oyster sauce, hoisin, plum sauce, vinegar, basalmic, sweet and sour, bbq, butter, labne, cream cheese, curry, chaat, kimchi, hummus, sauerkraut, mesquite, salsa, chili, tomatoes, pico de gallo, pepperocini, salt, pepper, baked beans, cole slaw, sriracha, vinaigrette, green sauce, teriyaki, ...
Types of Pasta ? spaghetti, spaghettoni, fedelini, vermicelli, capellini, barbina, bucatini, fusilli, perciatelli, pici, udon, soba, ziti, zitoni, fettuccine, fettucelle, lasagne, lsagnotte, linguettine, mafalde, mafaldine, pappardelle, tripoline, trenette, taglierini, biang biang, shahe fen, stringozzi, cannelloni, cavatappi, chifferi, fagioloni, garganelli, gemelli, manicotti, marziani, penne, rigatoni, pennoni, pennette, penne zita, spirali, tuffoli, cencioni, cavatelli, capunti, campanelle, corzetti, farfalloni, gigli, fiori, lanterne, ...
Cookies ? shortbread, tea cake, rosette, snickerdoodle, macaroon, chocolate chip, stroopwafel, sugar cookie, tareco, teiglach, gingerbread, sugar wafer, wibele, rainbow, berger, bath oliver, biscotti, amaretti, alfajor, cornish fairings, coyotas, custard cream, digestive, empire, faworki, jammie dodgers, garibaldi, ghorabiye, kifli, krumiri, krumkake, ladyfinger, mushkazone, nanaimo bar, panellets, paprenjak, peanut butter, oatmeal, pfeffernusse, pignolo, ... You can eat cookies at release parties...
Gemstones Many of thes are blue or come in blue but not all. ammolite, spectrolite, boulder opal, agate, lapis lazuli, sapphire, rainbow hematite, tanzanite, titanium drusy, topaz, chalcedony, Iolite, zircon, sodalite, blue moonstone, aquamarine, azurite-malachite, spinel, blue indicolite tourmaline, azurite, larimar, mazonite, turquoise, spectrolite, drusy chrysocolla, hemimorphite, variscite, tourmaline, turquoise, hematite, chrysocolla, tigers eye, quartz, tourmaline, pyrite, sugilite, obsidian, ruby, quartz, jasper, amethyst, agate, lazuli, agate, malachite, amber, ametheyst, diamond, sapphire, spinel, topaz, .. Some are repeats
Blue Cheeses These are blue and so is Fedora. bath blue, barkham blue, blue monday, buxton blue, chesire blue, devon blue, dorset blue, dovedale, exmoor, harbourne, lanark, lymeswold, oxford, shropshire, stichelton, stilton, wensleydale, yorkshire, ... Probably not enough. But we could expand to types of cheese and maybe get enough.
Project Gutenberg book titles Fedora is free and so are these books (hopefully??) sherlock holmes, huckleberry finn, pridge and prejudice, grimm's fairy tales, alice's adventures in wonderland, ulysses, tom sawyer, leaves of grass, frankenstein, dracula, great expectations, a tale of two cities, importance of being earnest, the prince, moby dick, jane eyre, count of monte cristo, war and peace, dubliners, picture of dorian grey, art of war, divine comedy, gulliver's travels, beowulf, les miserables, don quijote, peter rabbit, emma, wuthering heights, war of the worlds, heart of darkness, oliver twist, a christmas carol, the jungle book, the ownderful wizard of oz, the iliad, saddhartha, walden, david copperfield, the three musketeers, candide, peter pan, anna karenina, as you like it, anthony and cleopatra, love's labour lost, macbeth, the merchant of venice, the man in the iron mask, the time machine, aesops fables, hamlet, anne of green gables, the call of the wild, the hound of the baskervilles, robin crusoe, ... Not sure about legal here.
Lunch orders Beefy Miracle's friends; can also involve bacon. Turkey on Rye, Roast Chicken on Wheat, Veggie Wrap with Hummus, Roast Beef with Mayo, Mediterranean Panini, Portabello Burger, Tuna melt, Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Thai Peanut Wrap, Caesar Salad, Cajun Wrap, Teriyaki Bento, B.L.T., Steak & Cheese, Steak Bomb, Turkey Club, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Croque monsieur, Shawarma, Reuben, Philly Cheesesteak, Monte Cristo, Sloppy Joe, Po' Boy, Footlong Sub, Muffuletta, French Dip, Grilled Cheese with Tomato, Bean Burrito, Quesadilla, Carnitas Tacos, ... If Beefy Miracle was offensive, these must be?
Amusement Park Stuff Freedom, Features, Friends, First, Fun? Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, roller coaster, bumper cars, skeeball, carousel, haunted house, steeplechase, boardwalk, fire-eater, circus show, bearded lady, train ride, log flume, bumper boats, chairlift, monorail, cotton candy, arcade, .. Possible trademark/patent issues with names of many rides
Nuts and seeds Because we're all a bit nutty. Hazelnut, pecan, walnut, butternut, peanut, almond, filbert, beech, candlenut, cashew, coconut, hickory, kola nut, macadamia, pinenut, pitachio, maya nut, mamoncillo, acorn, mongongo, paradise nut, pili nut, pinyon, cycad, ginkgo, juniper, hempseed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, lotus seed, ... perhaps not enough.
Wonders of the World Because Fedora is wonder-full Great Pyramid of Giza, Great Wall of China, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Taj Mahal, Stonehenge, Colossuem, Porcelain Tower of Nanjing, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Temple of Artemis, Mausoleum of Maussollos, Colossus of Rhodes, Lighthouse of Alexandria, Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, Cairo Citadel, Ely Cathedral, Cluny Abbey, Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Panama Canal, Delta Works/ Zuiderzee Works, Itaipu Dam, Machu Picchu, Petra, Potala Palace, Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, Victoria Falls, Mount Everest, Galápagos Islands, Brooklyn Bridge, Hoover Dam, ... Probably political / upsetting somehow to someone
Languages of the World Fedora is an international project Abaza, Adele, Afar, Afrikaans, Aini, Anda, Armenian, Bengali, ... There's a lot to choose from but may be confusing if you think the release is only in that language.
Sports Can you trademark a sport? Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Soccer, Hurling, Figure Skating, diving, swimming, track & field, water polo, bmx biking, kayaking, mountain biking, gymnastics, trampoline, horseback riding, wrestling, fencing, field hockey, badminton, archery, judo, sailing, shooting, boxing, table tennis, tae kwon do, karate, kung fu, tennis, weightlifting, triathalon, cricket, croquet, polo, golf, softball, rugby, lacrosse, jet ski, bowling, hang gliding, water skiing, snowboarding, curling, speed skating, alpine skiing, nordic skiing, luge, bob sleighing, sled dog racing, badminton, volleyball, sumo, ... If you need more, you could combine it with games like chess and checkers
Things that are Blue Fedora's primary color is blue Blue foods & drinks, blue gemstones, blue elements, bodies of water, shades of blue, blue stars, blue planets, blue fish & other animals, etc. A general category allows us to have a wide variety of names like we have had in the past, while staying with a simple central theme. It also allows for more themeing and design customization than a category like "types of coffee" would from release to release. We could keep the suggestion & voting scheme in place and allow for a similar level community involvement.
Historical scientific discoveries & innovations Fedora is the cutting edge of technology & innovation Planetary Motion, Messier Objects, Atomic Theory, Avogadro's Law, Newtonian Laws of Motion, Electromagnetic Induction, Stellar Parallax, Doppler Shift, Conservation of Energy, Natural Selection, Evolution, Periodic Table, Radioactivity, Quantum Theory, Superconductivity, General Relativity, Schrödinger equation, Hubble's Law, ... Pick ideas from and many other possible sources
Spring/Fall related Fedora releases in the spring and the fall Carnaval, Easter, Halloween, Oktoberfest, Chusok, Succoth, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Persephone, Flora, Modron, Saraswati, ... There are many spring/fall related names in different cultures around the world (in particular, dieties and celebrations are often closely connected to spring or fall). By choosing names from different cultures, we can highlight Fedora's worldwide nature. And we can include both northern and southern hemispheres by associating releases with the spring or fall in the area from which the name comes (e.g., an october release could use autumn-related name from a place in the northern hemisphere, or a spring-related name from the southern hemisphere).
Operas All great works as is Fedora La Bohème, Magic Flute, Carmen, Madama Butterfly, La traviata, Marriage of Figaro, Tosca, Don Giovanni, Così fan tutte, Barber of Seville, Rigoletto, Aida, Turandot, Lucia di Lammermoor, Hänsel und Gretel, Falstaff, L'elisir d'amore, Pagliacci, Salome, Macbeth, Cavalleria Rusticana, Il Trovatore, Cenerentola, Otello, Faust, Don Pasquale, Don Carlos, Der fliegende Holländer, Tristan und Isolde, Eugene Onegin, Les Contes d'Hoffmann, Der Rosenkavalier, Norma, Un Ballo in maschera, Der Freischütz, Tannhäuser, L'Italiana in Algeri, Fidelio, Roméo et Juliette, Nabucco, Gianni Schicchi, The Bartered Bride, Die Walküre, Lohengrin, Parsifal These are all from the 18th and 19th centuries so there are no copyright issues
Hat styles and headgear Fedora is a hat style Ascot cap, Akubra, Ayam, Balaclava, Balmoral bonnet, Barretina, Baseball cap, Beanie, Australia, Bearskin, Beaver hat, Beret, Bicorne, Biretta, Boater, Boonie hat, Boss of the plains, Bowler / Derby, Bucket hat, Busby, Campaign hat, Capirote, Capotain, Casquette, Caubeen, Chilote cap, Chullo, Chupalla, Cloche hat, Cricket cap, Cordobés, Conical Asian hat, Coonskin cap, Custodian helmet, Deerstalker, Dunce cap, Fascinator, Fez, Flat cap, Gat, Gatsby, Garrison or Forage cap, Gaung Paung, Ghutrah, Glengarry, Green eyeshade, Hard hat, Hardee hat, Homburg, Icelandic tail-cap, Jaapi, Karakul (Qaraqul), Kepi, Kippah or Yarmulke, Kolpik, Kofia, Kova tembel, Kufi, Mitre, Montera, Mortarboard, Mother of the Bride Hat, Pakul, Panama, Papakhi, Party Hat, Patrol cap, Peaked cap, Phrygian Cap, Pith Helmet, Planter's Hat, Porkpie, Rastacap, Sami hat, Šajkača, Salakot, Santa Hat, Shako, Shtreimel, Slouch, Sombrero, Songkok, Stetson, Student cap, Tam o' Shanter, Taqiyah, Top hat, Toque, Trilby, Tricorne, Trucker hat, Tubeteika, Tudor bonnet, Tuque, Australia, Turban, Tyrolean hat, Ushanka, Vueltiao, Umbrella Hat, Zucchetto. Names are from several countries and cultures:

Film Directors, Alphabetical Focus on: Independent, International, Inclusive Artists Antonioni, Akerman, Breillat, Bunuel, Coen, Campion, Dovzhenko, Deren, Eastwood, Fassbinder, Fellini, Gerima, Gilliam, Herzog, Hallstrom, Imamura, Jeunet, Kiarostami, Lynch, Makhmalbaf, Noe, Ozu, Peckinpah, Pasolini , Quine, Ramsay, Rohmer, Schlondorff, Taymor These people just always seem to have cool-sounding names
Monotonically Increasing Cardinal Numbers Fedora releases have numbers Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty If done properly, makes it easy to remember which codename goes with which release.

Most Potentially Problematic

Let's avoid these as they pose the most risk thus far. (As reviewed Mar 27)

Theme Relationship to Fedora Sampling of names along theme Comments
Constellations ? Andromeda · Antlia · Apus · Aquarius · Aquila · Ara · Aries · Auriga · Boötes · Caelum · Camelopardalis · Cancer · Canes Venatici · Canis Major · Canis Minor · Capricornus · Carina · Cassiopeia · Centaurus · Cepheus · Cetus · Chamaeleon · Circinus · Columba · Coma Berenices · Corona Australis · Corona Borealis · Corvus · Crater · Crux · Cygnus · Delphinus · Dorado · Draco · Equuleus · Eridanus · Fornax · Gemini · Grus · Hercules · Horologium · Hydra · Hydrus · Indus · Lacerta · Leo · Leo Minor · Lepus · Libra · Lupus · Lynx · Lyra · Mensa · Microscopium · Monoceros · Musca · Norma · Octans · Ophiuchus · Orion · Pavo · Pegasus · Perseus · Phoenix · Pictor · Pisces · Piscis Austrinus · Puppis · Pyxis · Reticulum · Sagitta · Sagittarius · Scorpius · Sculptor · Scutum · Serpens · Sextans · Taurus · Telescopium · Triangulum · Triangulum Australe · Tucana · Ursa Major · Ursa Minor · Vela · Virgo · Volans · Vulpecula
Subatomic Particles Quantum physics is cool and so is Fedora. Boson, photon, graviton, magneton, electron, proton, neutron, neutrino, fermion, quark, antiproton, gluon, hadron, nucleon, nucleus, antineutron, positron, antineutrino, positronium, lepton, hadron, phonon, dyon, soliton, anyon, gravitino, photino, axion, baryon, meson, antiquark, pentaquark, sphalerons, strange, charm, bottom, top, up, down, plekton, muon, lambda, signma, xi, omega, delta, pion, kaon, tau, neutralino, slepton, sneutrino, squark, gluino, higgsino, zino, photino, chargino, graviscalar, graviphoton, axino, majoron, majorana fermion, dilatino, dilaton, branon, saxion, exciton, plasmon, polaron, magnon, pomeron, skyrmion, goldstino, instanton, geon, iflaton, spurion, muonium, ... New ones seem to be theoreticized / discovered at a reugular pace.
Stars ? sirius, canopus, vega, rigel, procyon,betelgeuse, altair, capella, spica, pollux, deneb, acrux, adara, bellatrix, polaris, algol, gruid, naos, scheat, grafias, gacrux, hamal, haldus, enif, electra, diadem, decrux, cursa, coxa, becrux, betelgeuse, atria, atlas, ashlesha, asellus tertius, azmidiske, phact, nunki, navi, okul, peacock, rukbat, sadr, sargas, sabik, toliman, unuk, wezen, zaniah, vega, vindemiatrix, ... Some are repeats.
Nebulae ? ant, banard's loop, boomerang, cat's eye, crab, eagle, eskimo, helix, hourglass, horsehead, lagoon, orion, pelican, red square, ring, rosette, tarantula, ... There might not be enough to choose from.
Moons ? phobos, deimos, io, europa, ganymede, callisto, amalthea, himalia, elara, sinope, anake, carme, lysithea, leda, thebe, adrastea, metis, callirrhoe, themisto, megaclite, taygete, chaldene, harpalyke, kalyke, iocaste, erinome, isonome, praxidike, autnoe, hermippe, eurydome, aitne, euanthe, euporie, orthosie, sponde, kale, pasithee, hegemone, ... We've had a moon theme before and it was pretty popular (Fedora 10)
Innovators Fedora is innovative and so are innovators. Edison, Newton, Arkwright, Wright Brotherss, Ritchie, Ford, Benz, Tesla, Goddard, ... Goddard was already used as a name.
Notable names in computer history Fedora is computer related as are these smart folks. Jacquard, Babbage, Lovelace, Luigi, Menabrea, Scheutz, Ludgate, Hollerith, Comrie, Eckert, Watson, Feynman, Bush, Engelbart, Terman, Pollen, Dijkstra, Turing, Haibt, Hopper, Borg, Zuse, Shannon, Salton, Ritchie, von Neumann, Ginsburg, Flowers, Eckert, Mauchly, Backus, ...
Shakespeare Character names ? Hamlet, Ophelia, Macbeth, Juliet, Romeo, Caesar, Caius, Cassandra, Othello, Katherina, Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius, Titania, Oberon, Cicero, Macduff, Margaret, Claudius, Clown, Countess of Rousillon, Demetrius, Dion, Edmund, Edward, Ephesus, Fabian, Fenton, Flavius, Florizel, Falstaff, Fortinbras, Francisco, Gallus, George, Ghost, Glansdale, Aeneas, Agamemmnon, Alexander, Aaron, King Richard, Lord Abergavenny, Angelo, Alonso, Ariel, King John, Balthasar, Beatrice, Bianca, Belarius, Blunt, Bolingbroke, Brackenbury, Capulet, King Lear, Lady Anne, Lady Grey, Leonardo, Mercutio, Montague, Octavius, Percy, Pompey, Polonius, Roderigo, Rosaline, Paris, Talbot, Isidore, Somerville, Ursula, Ulysses, Valentine, Valeria, Willoughby, York, ... There's a ton of these! Legal issues?
Famous Composers ? }