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The main page for this idea is Summer Coding 2010 ideas - CHASM.

Status: Idea

Summary of idea: Various ideas related to CHASM

Contacts: Rob Escriva, Ben Boeckel (mathstuf)

Mentor(s): Rob Escriva, Ben Boeckel (mathstuf)

Notes: CHASM, the Cryptographic-Hash-Algorithm-Secured Mirroring solution, is a project that is to help alleviate a lot of the pains that mirrors have in organizing and verifying their content. The project can be thought of as a stateful rsync daemon in some respects, and solves a problem that and a number of other large mirroring infrastructures have been looking into for several years now. This is ultimately a project that will be used by a greater portion of the larger mirroring infrastructures and as such has a lot of need for high performance and good design.