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The main page for this Summer Coding 2010 ideas is Summer Coding 2010 ideas - DGC GTK GUI.

Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: The proposed work is to write the GTK GUI for Digital Gate Compiler (DGC) to use the latest GTK+ 2.0 API. This is Fedora Electronic Lab ticket #73:

Contact: Shakthi Kannan , "mbuf" at

Mentor(s): Shakthi Kannan , "mbuf" at



Digital Gate Compiler (DGC, was written by Oliver Kraus in 2003, who is not with Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg anymore. The current maintainer of the project is Tobias Dichtl. His line of scientific research is not the same as that of DGC, but, he said he will be adding "extended burst mode synthesis support" this year. Meanwhile, I had updated the sources with autotools build changes, and released 0.98 for Fedora. The updated changes are available at: The GUI still uses old GTK+ API, and needs to be changed.

Use cases

The GTK+ GUI use cases to be implemented are available at:

  • Opening a file with a circuit description
  • Opening a gate (cell) library
  • Editing the encoding parameters
  • Editing the synthesis parameters
  • Editing the library parameters
  • Editing the log level
  • Performing the synthesis
  • Saving (exporting) the synthesized circuit
  • The log and the error windows
    • Saving the log window
    • Clear the log window
    • Clear the error window

You are a prospective student

If you are interested, please furnish the following details:

  • Name.
  • Type of Internet connectivity in use.
  • Mention Fedora release used at the moment.
  • Mention editor used for development.
  • Mention what you intend to learn from this project work.
  • Mention what you intend to do after the project work.

Answer the following with (Y/N). If yes, please provide more information:

  • Have a blog?
  • Have an IRC nickname?
  • Done project work using C language?
  • Done project work using GTK?
  • Used autotools before?
  • Used git for development?
  • Are you expecting anything monetary for your work?