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The main page for this idea is Summer Coding 2010 ideas - Freeseer.

Status: Proposed

Summary of idea:

Freeseer is a portable presentation capture tool. It captures vga output/firewire/webcam/local desktop and audio and mixes them together to produce a video thus enabling you to capture great presentations, demos, or training material easily. The ideas for this project implement various features to improve the Freeseer video capture software.

Contacts: Andrew Ross

Mentor(s): Andrew Ross, Clint Savage, Thanh Ha

More information

Freeseer benefits many open source communities making it practical and easy to record great presentations and demos. What differentiates Freeseer from other software is that it can record from firewire or usb devices in addition to local desktop. This means it can record a presentation or demo (vga output) without having to install Freeseer on the presenters computer.

Freeseer has been used to record a number of presentations from various open source conferences. Visit the Freeseer homepage for more information.

Proposed feature:

Freeseer is implemented using the Python programming language, Qt framework, and GStreamer multimedia framework.

The code for Freeseer is hosted in a git repository.

There is a list of project ideas available online.

We are particularly interested in: