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The main page for this idea is Summer Coding 2010 ideas - GNU Smalltalk package revamping.

Status: Idea

Summary of idea: The GNU Smalltalk virtual machine is a monolithic package in Fedora, and is not updated often. By contrast, the Debian package separates all of the provided bindings into separate packages, which allows to install the VM with fewer dependencies—for example without GTK+ support, or without Expat, and so on.

The project aims at providing a similar level of flexibility for the Fedora package. In addition, it would be good to have a way to generate from the same source the Fedora .spec file, the Windows installer (currently done with a custom shell script that uses the Fedora mingw32 cross-compilation environment), and the Debian package.

Contacts: Paolo Bonzini

Mentor(s): Paolo Bonzini