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Status: "Idea"

Summary of idea: Add features to the libyahoo2 messaging protocol library

Contacts: Siddhesh Poyarekar

Mentor(s): Siddhesh Poyarekar

Notes: A brief list of features that are currently needed:

  • Webcam support
  • Voice support
  • Yahoo! Chat room support

More information

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Libyahoo2 is a Yahoo messaging protocol library implemented in C. It is used by a number of messengers, including two in Fedora, viz. freehoo and ayttm. Recent work on the library has been to get it to support YMSG16, which is version 16 of the Yahoo! messaging protocol. Much of the work needs to be done by studying protocol dumps of the windows based messenger and then interpreting and writing similar functionality. Now further work is needed to get libyahoo2 back to its original feature set and beyond.

Status: "Idea"

Summary of idea:

The following features are currently required in libyahoo2:

  • Web cam support: Libyahoo2 originally had webcam support, but due to the protocol changes introduced by Yahoo! this support is mostly broken. Work needs to be done to revive this support and clean it up
  • Voice support: This feature will have to be analyzed and built from scratch. This would require understanding the protocol used by the Yahoo! messenger for voice support and then studying and implementing it in libyahoo2.
  • Chat room support: Analyse and implement Yahoo! chat room support into libyahoo2

Contacts: Siddhesh Poyarekar

Mentor(s): Siddhesh Poyarekar


Skills required for this project:

  • Ability to learn new tools like wireshark, tcpdump
  • Ability to locate and understand RFCs
  • An eye in making out patterns from a lot of data
  • C, autotools