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Random list of application requirements

  1. Must include a schedule that was worked out with mentor
  2. Keep on eye on the Talk: page that is associated with the proposal page you create. Click on the discussion link on the top of your proposal page. The Talk: page is where mentors comment on your proposal.
  3. Make sure you have clicked on the watch link on the top of your proposal page(s) and Talk: page(s). Use the link to my preferences at the top of the page to set your Watchlist preferences to email you when changes are made.

About me

1. My name is Joe LaBarbera
2. My email address is jlabarbera11 [AT] gmail [DOT] com
3. My wiki username is jlabarbera
3. My IRC nickname is jlabarbera
4. My wikipage is
5. My primary language is English
6. I am located in New York
7. I have not participated in any open-source projects, but I would really like to start getting involved


Copr - Cool Other Package Repo

About your project

  1. I would like to work on Copr(Cool other package Repo) this summer.
  2. More information about the project can be found here:
  3. I hope to work on the Cool Other Package Repo (Copr) this summer. This project aims to make the management of third party package repositories easier. Everyone involved with Fedora will se beneits of this, as users will have further software options and Fedora will undoubtedly gain more popularity.
  4. A key part of Copr is the buildsystem, which needs to provide both a web interface and comand line client to view builder states and manage repositories. Additionally, software could be added to browse exising repositories. Writing this will require Python and Turbogears2.
  5. In the first week, I would like to just familiarize myself with exactly what knowledge my project will entail. Rather than attempting to pick everything up as I go along, I would prefer a general grasp on all of what will be reqired of me. In the following weeks, I will write whatever is asked of me. It is hard to judge exactly what ends this project will have, as there is little development in it, but with each passing week I hope to be closer to a fully functional front end of Copr.
  6. I do not have any examples of open source projects I have helped develop, as I have never been involved in one. All I can provide are my grades, which have been outstanding. Throughout the year I have put myself through a lot more than what was required to learn new skills and develop new ideas, and there is no doubt in my mind that I can be a contributing member to Fedora this summer.

You and the community

  1. The impact of this project will be felt by all members of the Fedora community. Making a greater amount of software more readily available to Fedora users is a sure way to increase popularity among the community. The effecient managing of third party software is integral for the further development of Fedora.
  2. Since I have started programming, I have run in to a great many obstacles, but have always managed to find ways over them. Whether through forums or others with knowledge and a will to help, I have managed to obtain a solution to most problems I have encountered. In the worst case scenario, I will gain more familiarity with the technologies I will be using, to make my project continue as smoothly as possible when I am again able to talk to my mentor.
  3. If I am selected as a member of Fedora Summer Coding, I will make use of the mailing list and IRC channels to relay the continuing development of my project.


  1. I can set up an appropriate development environment, and I have discussed with my proposed mentor.
  2. I wear a size medium t-shirt.
  3. One of the best learning experiences I have had was taking a trip to China. I am half Chinese, but never really took part in any Chinese cultures, and despite being around the language rather frequently, I never picked any up. Upon arriving, however, I was thrown into a different world in which I was totally helpless. When with Chinese relatives, I had always thought they were outsiders for not being able to communicate so well with others; when I had gotten to China, I realized how useless all my English was there. I immediately felt a passion to learn Chinese, and no longer be so ignorant of what was around me. This desire to learn has spilled over into other parts of my life; my interest in all fields have been remarkable sparked since returning from that trip.


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