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This schedule is ready for Summer Coding 2010. Join the discussion mailing list and/or watch this page to be updated about schedule changes.

Start dates are emphasized and deadlines are in bold emphasis for student items.

Deadlines are 23:59 UTC on the specified date
For example, if the deadline is 09 August, all work must be in for mentor review by 23:59 UTC on 09 August. You must adjust for your own timezone, meaning the deadline may be at a different time of the day for you locally.
  • April
    7 April - Students can begin submitting applications
  • May
    Whole month - students, mentors, and sub-projects get to know each other
    13 May - Mentors need to finish idea pages
    20 May - Students applications + proposals need to be in
    21 May - Sponsors must pledge funding by this point
    24 May - Organizers finalize how many applications will be accepted
    27 May - Mentors + admins finalize rank-ordered list
    28 May - Students informed yes/no about application
  • June
    Whole month - code, interact
    01 June - Project begins (depending on proposal)
Proposals may have a modified schedule included.
  • July
    05 July - Midterm evaluations period begins
    05 July - Student midterm deadline for evaluation (first, soft deadline)
    08 July - Student midterm deadline for evaluation (final deadline)
    12 July - Midterm evaluations due from mentors
  • August
    09 August - Project coding completes
    16 August - Students final report, code snapshot, and evaluations due
    20 August - Mentor evaluations due for students
    23 August - Final evaluations due back to students
    25 August - Mentor, sub-project evaluations of the Summer Coding program requested
  • September
    01 September - Sponsors receive report from organizers
    06 September - Sponsors release and deliver funds (proposed date)