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These are the steps for participating as an organizer of Summer Coding 2010.

  1. Join the Summer Coding SIG (special interest group) mailing list. This list is used for these topics:
    • How we are structuring and running the program - discussions and decisions.
    • Anything related to program oversight, goals, short- and long-term plans - discussions and decisions.
  2. When you've joined 'summer-coding', introduce yourself to the list and say what your are interested in doing, relevant experience, why you want to help, and so forth. This helps us get to know you and be able to help guide you from the start.
  3. Join the summer-coding-discuss mailing list. This list is used for these topics:
    • Discussions between students, mentors, sub-projects, and upstreams.
    • Weekly status report from students, in addition to blog.
    • General program announcements; all students and mentors are required to be on this list.
    • Occasional discussion, resolution, and decision on student project matters, as warranted.
  4. Read through the pages in this category and its sub-categories: Category:Summer Coding 2010. Note any problems so they can be addressed on the SIG mailing list.