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About me

See my application page ------> [1]

About my project

  • Project name: Unified Mobile Sync
  • The main idea of project is synchronization for mobile devices. The end goal is to have synchronization between mobile devices and desktop, such as contacts, calendar, schedule, tasks, messages. I will use GTK for programming the user interface.

    Project value for Fedora

    For the moment it is possible to sync mobile devices and desktop applications using OpenSync. It is planned to develop advanced UMS (Unified Mobile Sync) system in future. The issue for desktop users for the moment is the absence of easy-to-use GUI tool to configure it. multisync-gui tool exists but it is not intuitive and lacks user help system.

    During FSC I am going to develop GUI tool for OpenSync configuration that will be re-used by UMS in future. The goal is to improve Fedora desktop and make it more attractive for end-users.



    I’m a computer science student. I like learning something new about specialty. I have done many website projects.

    Your Coding Skills What language are you familiar with? My programing languages are C#, Delphi, PHP, Python. What platform are you developing on? Linux, Windows, Web. Show past projects and code examples of your own.

    1. Use Pascal/Assembler to write the code for my lab.
    2. Use PHP language to write the code for various websites.
    3. Configure and admin two web-servers, one of them for our university.


    Me and the community

    Member of Fedora localization team (Russian).


    We want to make sure that you are prepared before the project starts

    1. Can you set up an appropriate development environment? Yes, I can.
    2. Have you met your proposed mentor and members of the associated community? Yes, I've talked with Alexey Vasyukov about project goals and schedules.
    3. What is your t-shirt size? L