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We are working to establish an architecture for schools and other organizations with an interest in open source software education to sponsor students to work under the mentoring and guidance of the Fedora Project teams.

Participating Sponsors

These organizations are sponsoring student summer coding work in 2010 and are working with the Fedora Project.

For example, Fedora sub-projects and mentors can submit ideas to a pool that students consider for their summer work.

A sponsoring organization may be providing a stipend to one or more students to work on projects for Fedora or

We are including internships here, which are part or full-time student jobs to work directly with a sponsoring organization team.

Becoming a Sponsor

Do you represent a school or organization interested in sponsoring students? We are still working on the details of how this works, but introduce yourself and we will involve you in the process.

More information is found at Summer Coding 2010#You are a sponsoring organization.