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Shipping Address for Fedora Distribution Program

Sunil Datta
49, New Jawala Nagar Extension
Maqsudan, Jalandhar City
Pin 144008


  • If you live near to my location you can avail the free media burning service by visiting personally, but don't forget to bring media with you.
  • If you live outside my city you will have to bear the media, packaging and postal charges, which simply means that you will have to mail me the blank media with return envelop. Please ensure that the return envelop is paid for the return trip. Request with Improper stamped return envelop will not be entertained.
  • Send good quality Media properly packed, to avoid breakage. I will not be responsible for defective or broken media or if return envelop is damaged.
  • Don't forget to give me a call before visiting my place or sending me the media. My number is 09872666080.
  • I am also providing other Linux Destros. You can check the availability of OS at
  • Please also drop a mail mentioning the date you shipped it at
    siddhart [AT] fedoraproject [DOT] org (only if the request is for fedora)
    bservice [AT] opensourcenuts [DOT] com