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My first contact with linux was Mandrake 9 during the year 2003, and ever since my life has changed. Currently I use fedora, it's a cool OS to use and learn. I've been drowning deep into linux world. There is a saying if you learn linux you'll loose your girlfriend. I give a damn about it, because it feels better like this. Regarding my programming skills I know C, C++, Python and PHP. I've done Computer Engineering, and a lot of kernel programming for my projects. Till this date I haven't been able to contribute to the field of open source and linux, may be because I was satisfied and happy to play with my desktop only. Now it feels I need a platform from where I can impart my skills and knowledge about linux and open source to the whole world and contribute to this field. So I joined fedora communiity and looking forward to do something useful.

Personal Infos

Name: Suraj Neupane

Address: Kathmandu Nepal