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Testing a new format for press archieve.

This page is for test purpose only...

Press Archive

  • Find the particular Index, go to appropriate page and add your item.
  • Add links to Fedora coverage below, and try to order them chronologically, posting the newest news at the top.
  • Please be sure only to link to media content, not post it here without securing the distribution rights. If in doubt, consult with first.
  • For non-English articles, translate the title, if possible.
  • If you find a dead link, please notify


Index Link(To be linked to appropriate pages) Description Language
Fedora Core 6 Fedora Core 6 Press archieve for FC6 Mixed
Fedora Core 6 Test Releases Fedora Core 6 Test Release Press archieve for FC6 Test releases English
Fedora corner Fedora Corner Column about Fedora in REDHAT magazine English
General General General items about GNU/Linux English
Interviews Interviews Interviews about Fedora English
Fedora Previous Fedora previous About Previous Fedora releases English
Misc Misc Miscellaneous items which can not be placed anywhere else English