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Quantities per Country

Country Small Button (1"x1") Medium Button (2.5"x2.5") Big Button (3"x3") Cheatcubes Lanyard Sticker Pens
Argentina 200 200 200 200 200 500 100
Bolivia 100 100 100 100 500 100 100
Brazil 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Chile 200 200 200 200 200 300 100
Ecuador 400 300 300 300 500 500 150
Mexico 200 200 200 200 200 500 100
Nicaragua 400 300 300 300 500 600 100
Panama 100 100 100 100 200 500 100
Peru 300 300 300 300 500 500 100
Venezuela 100 100 100 200 100 500 100
Total 3,000 2,800 2,800 2,900 3,900 5,000 1,950

Technical Specifications


Latam ticket:

Total USD 12,975.00
Item Quantity Unit Price Total
Small Button (1"x1") 3,000 USD 0.203 USD 609.00
Medium Button (2.25"x2.25") 2,800 USD 0.27 USD 756.00
Big Button (3"x3") 2,800 USD 0.27 * USD 756.00
Cheatcubes 2,900 USD 0.50 USD 1,450.00
Lanyard 3,900 USD 1.75 * USD 6,825.00
Sticker 5,000 USD 0.37 USD 1,850.00
Pens 1,950 USD 0.36 USD 702.00
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We are asking for 3 sizes of buttons, the key difference is the button usage:

Small Buttons are intended to be use in events like stickers as a litle gift to people that show real interest in Fedora, similar to cheat cubes, they do not cost much and in universities if you give a sticker to a student and then the student uses it in her backpack is great and they work well as part of a loyalty strategy in a region where each user counts if we want to achieve the critical mass of users to keep being relevant.

Medium buttons are for users (I mean people already using Fedora that are our hopes of possible new contributors to the project), it is easy to know when a person is using Fedora when in a even this persons talk to you about how Fedora have improved the upgrade process, or that he is missing some app that can be nice to have packaged in Fedora, any way it is always easy to know when do you find a Fedora user in a event, give a button to a user is a nice gift I think, even more if the button have a message aligned with core Fedora values.

Big buttons are for contributors, like those buttons that you see in a market with a message saying "What can I help you" with this button will be easy to identify a Fedora Contributor in a big event.

Design Team Tickert:



Latan 1inch button.png



Latan 2.5inch button.png



Latan 3inch button.png


Stickers is the most common item is swag, there are many desings so per country can ask theirs prefered desing, we ask for the desing team por a sheet of stickers because the original idea was to have a group of stickers that were easily given together with a cd/dvd envelope, there is a local because printing companies were not cutting stickers less than 2"x2" and also less than 1,000 units. We produced fedora bubbles with cutting services, and they gave back the product in sheets of 20. From this the experience about handling stickers there is a handling reason: it is easy to count sheets of stickers than individuals and handling the sheet were less prone to be damaged. Sheets being together with laptop or notebooks, rather than smaller units in a pouch. Also one sheet of stickers put in and envelope/notepad survive better that small stickers separated.

Design Team Ticket:



There have been some pens in latam from Fudcon events, we do not use pencils openly in the open ones, but we take some to the events as a small gift for the organizers of the events or people who have invited us to give a talk or for possible collaborators.

Design Team Ticket:


Lanyards are used for collaborators or long-time users of the distribution.

Design Team Ticket:

Cheat Cubes

Cheat cubes are useful for new Fedora users who are not familiar with the distribution and specific commands such as dnf and rpm, they chose to do the local language versions, Portuguese for Brazil and Spanish for the rest of the countries.

Design Team Ticket:

Mailing Addresses

Name Address Line 1 Address Line 2 City State Country Postal Code Notes
Adrian Soliard Calle 1739 #3950 Paraná Entre Ríos Argentina 3100 Argentina Swag
Freddy Condori Chavez Calle Ayacucho, Esquina Mercado, Nro. 308, Vicepresidencia del Estado, 2 142650 Interno 2650 La Paz Bolivia Bolivia Swag
Itamar Peixoto 1636 NW 82nd Avenue Suite CB58970 Doral Florida United States 33126 Brazil and Paraguay Swag
Eduard Alexander Lucena Mendoza Calle San Isidro 661, Departamento 204. Santiago de Chile Region Metropolitana Chile 8330564 Chile Swag
Galoget Jontze Latorre Cheng Ángela Vivero de Caamaño N2-153 y Remigio Crespo Toral Quito Pichincha Ecuador 170403 Ecuador Swag
Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez Sur 56 Mz 74 Lt 38 San Agustin 1ra Sección Exterior 21 Ecatepec Edo. México México 55130 México Swag
Neville A. Cross Nicabox 472 7801 NW 37th Street Doral, FL 33195-6503 Miami Florida United States Nicaragua Swag
Clarissa Cecilia Cortez Martinez/ pty 26987 7270 Nw 35 Terrace Miami Florida United States 33122 Panamá Swag
Aly Yuliza Machaca Mamani Jr. Moquegua 267 Puno Perú Perú Swag
Edwind Richzendy Contreras Soto 5502 NW 79 Av. Doral, Florida 33166 - 4124 Doral Florida United States Venezuela Swag
Antonio Sebastian Salles Av Irarrazaval 2401 Of 821 Santiago Metropolitana Chile 7750495 Chile Swag