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Missing System Config Tool

For any developers wishing to contribute, this is a list of possible system config tools.


  • -automount
  • -certificates
  • -cron
  • -dovecot
  • -ldap
  • -kerberos
  • -mail (to setup aliases, sendmail, and/or postfix)
  • -prelink
  • -ssh
  • -squid
  • -storage (to setup disks, partitions, lvm, raid, ..)
  • -sysctl
  • -udev
  • -vnc
  • -yum


MatthiasClasen: Of course, this list makes the assumption that more system-config tools is better. Not everybody agrees with that...

ArthurPemberton: Does prelink still exist in Fedora?

Yoho : system-config-storage would be a must as you're able to configure anything in anaconda, but are then left alone without any partitioning tool