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System Config Module Interface

Every config tool should be integratable (or maybe embeddable) into firstboot or other config tools. The current interface used in firstboot is not flexible enough for this task.

  • The new interface should be simple and transparent in use with predefined functions for load, reload, apply and cancel.
  • Callbacks are needed for the swallowing tool to react on changes made by the user or other config tools: An example here is that the firewall configuration tool is currently in use and the user is adding a network interface with the network config tool. The firewall tool should be made aware of the change.
  • Realization with a base class, which all tools should use for the main application.
  • References to other tools with a link, link-button or menu-button, .. should be possible. An exmaple here is a link to system-config-services to enable or disable a service.

system-config-kickstart is the tool, which will benefit from this interface at most, because it does not need to reprogram the config tools or part of the config tools e.g. for authentication, firewall and partitioning.

The interface has to be flexible enough for embedding and it should make it possible to write the configuration to a different place or in another form - which is needed for kickstart.

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