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Review of System Config Tools

Things to look at when reviewing the s-c-tools:


  • Check if tool is easy to understand:
  • Is the purpose of the tool clear?
  • Are there unclear descriptions/labels? List them below with a comment.
  • Is it clear what happens (before you click on things)?
  • Check functionality:
  • Does the tool allow everything that one would want
  • If not:
  • Does the tool make its limitations clear?
  • Does it point to the right config files/ help pages for working around its limitations?
  • Do you think this functionality could/should be added?
  • Does the tool several unrelated things that should be divided into different tools?
  • Check UI:
  • What kind of navigation is used? (item list on the left, buttons opening dialogs, druid, single dialog only, ...)?
  • When are changes applied (per dialog, global save/apply, instantly, ...)?
  • Is undo implemented (no, reload file, one step, whole history, ...)?
  • Is is possible to load defaults?
  • Are related things grouped or spread widely
  • Is there hidden functionality reachable with hot keys only?
  • Is there a menubar or toolbar?
  • Does a help exist? Is it sufficient?
  • Check for consistent look:
  • Too many different fonts/text sizes?
  • Too many different spacings
  • Misused space
  • Unclear icons?
  • Too many colors or color schemes
  • Button placement in dialogs and main app

Text mode

  • Is there a Text mode interface?
  • If yes, does it cover the whole GUI functionality?
  • If not, what's missing?
  • Could the GUI be easily translated into text mode?
  • more than two columns?
  • Height of 25 lines sufficient?
  • Aswer all question from the GUI section here!

Command line

  • Is there a CLI?
  • If not, are there other CLI tools for that purpose?
  • If yes, does it cover the whole GUI functionality?
  • If not, what's missing?

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