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Status: revies

Style: dialog

  • 'OK'-button is sensitive without changes
  • 'Date & Time'-tab is insensitive (maybe because ntp is enabled?)
    • rename to 'Date and Time'
    • move 'Enable Network Time Protocol' with description to 'Date & Time'-tab
  • rename 'Network Time Protocol' to 'Network Time Protocol Settings'
    • make 'Show advanced options' insensitive if ntp is not active
      • Rename to 'Advanced Options'
  • 'Time Zone'-tab:
    • selected item is not readable: red on green and yellow is not good
    • make 'Selected City:' bold
    • 'System clock uses UTC'-checkbox is not visible: indent treeview
    • TreeView: vertical scrollbar is not scrolling per line
  • no "reset to system defaults"-button