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Status: under review

Style: dialog

Main window

  • OK button is sensitive
  • Button "Edit Location" is hidden under "Location" and "Default Action" widgets when dialog box is resized (smaller)
  • Wrong spacings
  • Tooltip on "Enable kdump" should be on the top part of dialog - more visible
  • Maximized behavior - "Edit Location" button on the right side of dialog, filling of widgets
  • Changes behavior?
  • Units (MB) should be on the right side of labels/widgets
  • "Location" should be label - it's not editable!
  • After clicking OK, there is no caption
  • No warning, errors at all! See console! Users should be informed what's going on!!!

"Edit Location" dialog

  • Spacing (separators)
  • Widgets are centered -> should be left aligned
  • More information needed - what user should fill to "Enter location" field if he selected location type?