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Status: under review

Style: application

First Time Druid

  • Cancel should skip druid, not quit application
  • shouldn't be resizeable
  • spacings
  • missing tooltips, buttons alignment
  • missing descriptions

Main window

  • scrollbars should be disabled by default
  • toolbar?

"New" button

  • alignment
  • dialog is crap and is not well arranged
  • colons missing after label
  • dialog layout!
  • Ethernet - only ethX available
  • Properties and Delete sensitive

"Configure" menu

  • Configure Net. Inst.
    • spacing buttons and selection, left and right border spacing
    • no resize
    • Properties and Delete sensitive
  • Add
    • spacing, colons, description, frames
    • anon. FTP - frame with userpass


  • convert to DocBook