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This page is for clarifications, comments, CYA and TOSW.


BAMF needs to always be mindful of Fedora guidelines.

FP wiki

Pi has some gray areas we need to avoid- codecs and drivers. When in doubt, linking to outside sites is required. This sort of documentation should NOT be put on FPwiki!


Documentation is a highly desired deliverable! BAMF aims to create documention of ARM and Pi awesomeness.

Core ideas

From FAQ Bay Area Mentoring Fedorans is a group of Open Source enthusiasts, their friends and family. The group is open to anyone that is able to play well with others :) Technical skills are not required. If you have a desire to try new things and learn, mentoring is available. Much of the core of the group is made up up of Fedora contributors, as well as Ambassadors.

BAMF plans to steer AWAY from from anything like teledildonics. It appears at times all the local robot groups have this going on. We are not judging, just saying we as a group have NO INTEREST in such things. Individuals are free to do whatever they choose to do. Again, we are not judging just clarifying the intent of this group. We do really, REALLY like robots, just not quite like that :D