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Initial review 2011-03-13

Thanks for updating the spins page after the meeting this week.

The biggest question for me is: Is this still a spin like this others or is it more about the tool? I think we should solve both questions independently. First wee need the tool, then we can make whatever spin of it.

If you want this to be a spin, please update the kickstart:

  • You are removing quite a lot of stuff, you better use fedora-live-base.ks, fedora-livecd-base.ks or even fedora-live-mini.ks instead of fedora-live-desktop.ks as base
  • Instead of removing stuff individually, include fedora-live-minimization.ks
  • Use the snipplet from the spin-kickstarts-package.

--Cwickert 02:31, 13 March 2011 (UTC)

Response for the review from 2011-03-13

The goal is to have some biarch spin(s) easily available for users. The ultimate goal would be make the big [Download Now!] button at a biarch spin. In such case sure the %post section of my spin should be dropped. Unfortunately I do not expect I will achieve the change of the first/primary download Fedora spin to be biarch.

I have updated the spin according to your advices but I do not want do spend any time discussing the spin before the building script gets accepted.

If the building script gets used for some of the existing spins this is 99% of what I wanted to reach. In such case I find the associated spin still as a more suitable for the biarch edition but i do not mind much.

Wrt the .ks file I have cleaned up the removals vs. additions of packages, thanks.

I tried the snippet but it has no effect because /etc/rc.d/init.d/fedora-live is not executed / does not exist anywhere. I do not understand why to use (create?) the fedora user when liveuser already exists as the unprivileged user. Also my goal was to skip the login screen while this snippet waits for 60 seconds which would need to be modified to 0. So I did not use the snippet for my spin.

--jankratochvil 20:50, 13 March 2011 (UTC)

Review 2011-03-14

Thanks for the changes, looks much better now. To do:

  • FS-label is missing
  • FS label and ISO name should match other spins, therefor I suggest label Fedora-$release-biarch-Live and name Fedora-$release-biarch.iso.
  • kickstart name should match FS label when lowercased
  • Please add a header to the spin with all necessary information such as name and maintainer. Look at the other spins

I really think that the spin should just be the default desktop spin but biarch while yourse seeems a rather personal package selection. I guess this is up to the spins SIG to decide. --Cwickert 20:01, 14 March 2011 (UTC)

Incomplete response for the review from 2011-03-14

This spin is primarily to include LibreOffice, problem the most significant Free package for general public - which is embarassingly missing on the default spin. It has nothing to do with my personal spin as I use LaTeX/plainTeX myself. You are right some additional packages are there as my personal preference but the space up to the nearest flashdisk size (2GB) would remain unused otherwise. Thanks for checking it, I will update it later. We can discuss rather the script instead.