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  • : debuginfo-install <package>

--Dmalcolm 17:45, 17 December 2009 (UTC) I'm getting bugs assigned to python when random python scripts crash, here's a response I've used:

Bug in unpackaged software

Thank you for the bug report. This problem appears to be related to <DESCRIPTION OF SOFTWARE>. This script is not yet packaged within Fedora. The best way to make sure your problem will get looked on is to report it to the authors of the program. Most upstream authors use a bug tracking system like Bugzilla, and more people who know the code will be looking at the bug report there.
The upstream bug tracking system to use is:
You are requested to add the bugzilla link here for tracking purposes. Please make sure the bug isn't already in the upstream bug tracker before filing it.
If you would like to see this software packaged for Fedora, you might want to add it to the wishlist here: Package_maintainers_wishlist if it isn't there already.

Partial Debugging Symbols

If the stack trace has some debugging symbols but more would be useful:

Thank you for taking the time to report this bug. Unfortunately, that stack trace is not as useful as it could be in determining the cause of the crash, because it is only a partial symbolic stack trace. In order to get a more full symbolic stack trace, additional debuginfo packages need to be installed. In order to accomplish this, you can run the command:
debuginfo-install PROGRAMNAMEHERE
Please see for more information about stack traces.