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Edits of 2010-03-06 by quaid

Some additional notes on my edits, if you find the reasoning useful.

  • Looking around for the proper spelling of "deltarpm", it appears that lowercase and all one string is the preferred method for the package, and DeltaRPM (all one string) is the preferred for the technology. Delta ISO has one space. I tried to differentiate and identify the two uses. E.g.
  • I changed the comment about liking Delta ISOs and reasons to make it a bit more generic of a technology recommendation.
  • Adjusted some technical markup as per [Help:Editing#Marking Technical Terms].
  • Added some whitespace to make it easier to navigate while editing; it shouldn't change the output appearance.
  • Added to several appropriate categories, including making a new one for this technology. Move from Category:Draft documentation to Category:Documentation when it is ready on the technical content front
  • I didn't give a hard look at the structure of the document; it seems fine right now, but it could be reviewed, maybe after it's used a few times by folks in #fedora etc.

--Quaid 02:15, 7 March 2010 (UTC)

Edit of 2014-0807 by Leslie Satenstein User lsatenstein. The grammar was corrected. I have not removed an off-topic paragraph pertaining to Centos.