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The information here needs to be shortened. Most people looking for help want to know what *doesn't* work, not an endless repeated list of what does. I hope to update this page and provide better info for new people as Fedora 13 is released.

A: With an official Moblin spin being released, should the focus be towards that? Make sure one release works perfectly? As it stands now you have recommendations to just install lxde, openbox, etc through YUM. If you are having people use YUM for additional DE's what base ISO are the supposed to be using? Netbooks have small HDD/SDD so space requirements come into play.

1. Official netbook spin - follows Moblin/Meego progression with more options available. 2. Custom base/minimal/CLI/revisor spin - users can then use YUM to put what they want on it.

B: Is Chromium going to make it into official releases eventually? Chromium would be the best browser for netbooks.

C: The individual model listings is still too verbose. Are bug reports filed for each of these problems? I only saw one listed as a WONTFIX so that should remain listed here. I think the others could be reported and fixed.