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I'm glad that this concept was chosen, because it seems like it gives the best opportunity for a unique-looking wallpaper image. But it looks very unfinished to me - which is fine, because it's just a mock-up. Here's what I'm thinking, based loosely on what other people are saying already:

  • too dark; the blues are terrific, but you based it off of the dark shade of the Fedora logo, and it all just ended up too dark in Blender. But I like the darkness aspect; I never used/use the default F12 wallpaper because it's too light, and it doesn't seem serious enough. I would use this wallpaper myself, but as a default it's too dark.
  • Finding that narrow range of blue that isn't too dark or light doesn't leave much space for exploration; maybe try exploring purples, reds, and carefully greens, too. It might work perfectly, it might destroy it - who knows!
  • also, be careful of how you tone down the "dizzy-looking," because the idea of the image requires it to look fast. Maybe it's not smooth enough, and that's what they mean by "makes me dizzy?"
  • the visual design requirements are strict, but I don't remember them... if it's allowed, try to add a "thing" into which all the rays converge, like the Fedora f/infinity/tear-drop shape. The normal-colour logo might look silly, but what if you did something like the lion hidden in the default F11 wallpaper?
  • speaking of the default F11 wallpaper, this sort of variable-colour background with lines served it well.

Hopefully these are useful comments. I'm not a master of visual things by any stretch, and I can't work Blender to save my sole, but this wallpaper looks like it's really going somewhere.

Crantila 07:49, 14 July 2010 (UTC)

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