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  • User:Bruno - I figured I would mostly be doing grunt work and/or testing.
    • I have Asterisk running at home (1.6.2 on F12) and hence have a safe place to do simple development and testing without impacting the main test environment.
    • I have a data T1 with a /27 allocation of IP addresses, of which over half aren't currently being used, so I might be able to some kinds of remote network testing that others can't.
    • I have a couple of headsets with mics and can use twinkle to do some testing.
    • I currently have 2 older, but reasonable (2 core i686 Xeons), machines that are running F12 with little customization. I might need one before the test day, but I could let at least one get rebuilt specifically for the test day if there is a desire for that.
    • I do NOT have any real SIP phones.
    • I should be available essentially all day Friday and Saturday and Sunday morning.