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Does this really need to be called "Red Hat Messaging"? There may be confusion with the marks of Red Hat, and be confusing to Fedora users. It should also not be called "Fedora Messaging".


The page "Features/AMQP_Infrastructure" needs to be updated

Sections "Current Status" and "Detailed Description": The Java tools (broker, client bindings) haven't been packaged yet (no rpms available).

Section "Benefit to Fedora": The qmf RPM is missing from the list (QMF - QPID Management Framework)

Section "Test plan": An rhm-examples RPM is mentioned. Where can we find it?

The Java components are missing because they have (had) dependencies that are not in Fedora and we can't package binary jar files in Fedora. I guess I'll have to remove this feature from the description.

The QMF rpms are in the qpidc package.

With regard to rhm-examples, we will most likely provide the examples with the client bindings rather than in a separate package. I will update the description accordingly.