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Have you looked into - RahulSundaram

  • Once Apport is working properly, this wouldn't be too tough. Yum could use the apport libraries to create a crash report with ProblemType: Packaging, which would then get picked up by the Crash Notifier. -WillWoods

So, now we're going to have GNOME doing their own thing , Firefox doing Breakpad, and distros doing something different. Yay. Can we try and get some collaboration going on here, please? I'd rather use what the apps are going to use, be it GNOME or Firefox. - ChristopherAillon

  • KDE also has its own solution (KCrash). - KevinKofler
  • Sounds like we really need to work together and create a spec that we can all implement together before we start doing work here. - ChristopherAillon