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FESCo Review 2008-07-10

13:42 -!- bpepple changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: FESCo-Meeting -- Features -- Features/Bluetooth - poelcat
13:42 < tibbs> Has this changed at all recently?
13:43 < tibbs> It doesn't look like it's changed since we discussed the feature during F9.
13:43 < bpepple> tibbs: I believe the documentation section tells the changes from previous release.
13:43 < nirik> yeah, it's not clear what things are going into f10, or are already in or what
13:43 < tibbs> And I note the word "test" doesn't seem to appear at all.
13:44 < jlaska> excessive use of the words "possible solutions"
13:44 < spot> aside from adding a release notes section, nothing has changed since it was imported into the new wiki
13:44 < notting> well, i suppose the issue is that this is more of a 'todo' list
13:45 < tibbs> "the CUPS backend work is available in Fedora 8 and rawhide."
13:45 < notting> and there's not a good view of which are still todo, and which aren't
13:45 < wwoods> yeah a lot of the stuff in there has landed in previous releases
13:45 < f13> does hadess know it's being pitched as an F10 feature again?
13:46 < poelcat> f13: yes, though admitedly I should have done a better job reviewing it
13:46 < mclasen> he's at guadec right now, I can ask him when he comes back
13:46 < tibbs> "Rawhide's nautilus uses GVFS, support will be in gvfs 0.1.9.", but F9 has gvfs 0.2.5 now.
13:46 < f13> yah, this probably needs a good overhaul for what's current and not, with a clear idea of what we're looking to be "featured" in F10
13:46 < poelcat> typically he puts a bunch of stuff on that page and then forks it at release time to reflect what was accomplished during that release cycle
13:46  * bpepple thinks we need to check w/ hadess before voting on this.