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So, again, what is the precise scope?

  • Are there any glibc changes that are essential for the feature, and have they been accepted upstream?
  • "Any software commonly used on day-to-day basis should be correctly handling IPv4-only, IPv6-only and dualstack use cases." - will the listed owners of the feature do all that work, or are other package maintainers expected to modify their packages?
  • Will this involve any change to packaging guidelines or other policies?

I'm in principle fine with having a vague feature ("We'll do useful work about dual stack networking, don't know what yet, and large changes, if any, will be discussed separately."). Still, I think it's important for FESCo to know what feature they are voting for - is it a set of specific changes or a general statement of intent? --Mitr (talk) 16:14, 7 January 2013 (UTC)