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  • MatthiasClasen: Sounds pretty interesting. What is the package that need to install to play with this ? Or, if it is not packaged yet, do you have some screenshots ?
  • I think the bullet points currently in "Contingency Plan" should be moved to a new section with more detailed plans covering the remainder of the project.
  • JeremyKatz: Could this be extended to also work for non-CJK input? On the English side, I've been playing with cellwriter on my tablet and it works reasonably well, but more options are better
  • PeterGordon: I would love to see this feature worked-on. As a beginning Japanese student, I think it would be incredibly awesome to be able to draw Kanji/Kana on my Wacom and have it automagically recognized and inserted. Tomoe is good at recognizing the characters, but its UI is far too cumbersome for me; and CellWriter seems great at "learning" how I write, but having to train every single Kana and Kanji (thousands) would be so extraordinarily tedious. :o (And about the cumbersome Tomoe UI, I just want an entry pad and a list of candidates that doesn't block the focused app.) What can we do to help? :)
  • BillNottingham: I'm leery of pushing this as a 'HandwritingRecognizer' feature when
  • Fedora already includes at least two others (tomoe, cellwriter)
  • this only appears to at this stage support Chinese
  • DingyiChen: The project preview is put on sourceforge as writRecogn.

MatthiasClasen, the source code and screen shots is at the website.

JeremyKatz, the Alphanum support will be available in 0.6. The support of language other than CJK and English depends on request. They will like be implemented after 1.1

PeterGordon, I haven't thought much about UI yet, but come to think of it, how about transparent canvas (without frame, perhaps).

  • JasonTibbitts: Could you clarify whether this is intended to support kana and/or hangul, or just the ideograms? It's tough to say we have anything more than very limited Japanese or (especially) modern Korean handwriting recognition without them.
  • DingyiChen: Jason, it will support kana and hangul, if someone is willing to edit the "textbooks" of them.