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If minidebuginfo is provided through seperate rpm package then darkserver can directly provide the rpms to tools like perf. The original requirement for darkserver is to be able to provide super stripped ELF file. I am working on the means to provide the same. But if minidebuginfo comes in that help darkserver also. --Kushal

The percentages you give are very misleading! You compare compressed debugging information to uncompressed executables, but on the live images, everything is compressed with xz, so the hit on the live images is much larger! (43 MiB would mean over 6% of the total available space!) And live images are where size really matters. So please note the strong disapproval of this feature by the de-facto maintainer of the KDE Live CD. (The official maintainer, Sebastian Vahl, is nowhere to be found, but I doubt he'd approve of it either.) --Kkofler 22:10, 16 June 2012 (UTC)

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